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UNWANTED LEGACY is the first book in my sexy, historical fiction series, Dancing with Fate. This historical romance story follows the fortunes of Mithra, a young Persian-Assyrian princess in ancient Persia, 644BC. In the bloodiest of conflicts, she discovers, the fate is seldom wrong, no matter how it twist and wind. Rich in historical detail, Unwanted Legacy propels the cast of characters on an epic journey through the war, love, and hate in ancient Persia. The story has a taste of fantasy, but the main events are real, and set in Mannea, a place that is located in Iran now. Before starting the story, it’s better to know more about this land, so you can imagine the story in your mind entirely.

MANNEA is referring to a region southeast of Urmia Lake centered near modern Saqqez. For all we know, Mannea expanded and gained control over adjacent regions during the first half of the seventh century BCE, the time of its maximum expansion of Mannea towards Zamua. One may distinguish between Mannea proper and Greater Mannea. The adjacent regions of Ziqirtu and Andia north-northeast of Mannea proper formed part of Greater Mannea, but were autonomous. The neighbors of Greater Mannea in the north and northwest were the Urartians and the Scythians (in the first half of the seventh century BCE; see Ivantchik, 1993, passim). In the south Allabria formed a buffer state between the Assyrian province of Parsua and Mannea. It belonged only temporarily to Mannea. In the southwest, Mannea bordered on Karalla and the Assyrian province of Zamua.

F. J. Namini

Based on: iranicaonline.org

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