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One of the most interesting plots in Unwanted Legacy, the first book of my historical romance novel series, according to me, is the golden cup games. In this part of the story, the young men from all over Mannea and Medes gathered themselves together for the most important sporting event at that time.

Bet you thought that I’ve made the golden cup’s story but the story is real.

Hasanlou Gold Cup is one of the prominent Persian artifacts discovered during the exploration of Robert Dyson in the Hassanlou Naghadeh Hill in 1957. This work is about 3200 years old and may have a significant role in the formation of the next art course, the Medieval period.

The cup is 21 cm tall, 25 cm in diameter and 950 g in weight. On the Cup, the triple gods are craved: God of land, God of water and God of the sun. In addition, the picture of an athlete who is fighting the monsters, the gods standing on two rams, and a human on the bird’s back, has seen on this cup.

This cup has found under the skeleton of a man, so it is crooked. Experts believe that the man was running away from the invading forces in the possession of the cup, and as he was missing his life, the cup was hit and tucked under the pressure of his body. Currently, this cup holds in the Museum of Ancient Iran.

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