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Unwanted Legacy

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What could be more difficult than knowing that you are born for a predetermined destiny? Maybe…, trying to change it!


Meet The Author

" Her passion is bringing the perception of cold, bare reality, into a fantasy world and creating an attractive story to reach a solution that assumes everyone can live the best life they can. "

Dancing with Fate (book one)

644BC, Mithra was born between hate and love, when her father’s tribe was fighting against her mother’s clan! Her father was a lord commander of the Mannaeans troop and her mother an Assyrian princess from her father’s enemy’s ground; a strange but burning love. They died at the same time, but in different places, her father on the battlefield as the Assyrian warriors’ screams echoed into the mountain, showing his severed head, and her mother birthing her. Maybe fate did not dare impose this loss on them. Mithra was born when her mother was asking help from her Assyrian gods, she had a strange birthmark on her face, and she inherited her mother’s face, a wild Assyrian beauty, no wonder her father’s tribe hated her. They made her believe that she was an ominous creature, doomed for being alone in her own land. Even Astyages’ love, a burning love that took shape in adventures could not help her. Mithra had love in her hands, and she believed that she had overcome her fate, but the fate rose up against the love. This is a story of love, sacrifice, ambition, fear, courage, … and miracles; like all of us!

5 reviews for Unwanted Legacy

  1. Beryl A. Hermes

    I really loved this book

    I really loved this book. I found this novel captivating and couldn’t put it down. Even the ending has a cliff-hanger that won’t be resolved until the sequel. Well done. I will tell others about this book, encouraging them to read it for sure.

  2. Daisy

    So fascinating!
    Fascinating and highly unusual novel here! an exciting mix of historical, romance and fantasy – it got me hooked on reading from the very first page, as the events were unfolding in a pretty nice pace. The love story in here is burning, the adventures are exciting, and the ending is unexpected – in short, it’s really a worthwhile novel and I’d be expecting book 2!

  3. Maria

    Unwanted Legacy is a great book.

    ABSOLUTELY wonderful. I loved the story line and characters and CANNOT wait for the next books. LOVE the first one!!!

  4. Christina Kladis

    A historic adventure worth the read!

    Unlike many historically based novels, this book details life in an era not commonly written about. This was an interesting type of story written in the historical fantasy genre, without a doubt, one of the best books I’ve read this year. Vivid characters, deeply flawed but ultimately human descriptions that bring the scenery to life, and well-nuanced relationships make this a book that’s impossible to put down. Time and time again, I was struck by how deeply she knew her characters, how well she knew how they’d react, how thoughtfully she portrayed every fear, every hope, and every plot they’d conceived. The author is someone who can imagine, and make manifest an entire world, peopled with characters and backgrounds that sing to you, long after you’re done reading the book. Read this, and let your imagination soar with hers.

  5. Azam Nemati

    I read the first book in Farsi two years ago and, absolutely loved it. The writing in Farsi was lyrical and and magnetic. I could not put the book down. The author’s unique creative story telling was refreshing for me. On my annual trips to Iran, I only would buy Farsi books and puzzles so I could not forget my native language but, this book was the only one I could not stop talking about it and at the time, wish that it had been in English translation so, other people could enjoy reading it.
    I am glad to see the Unwanted Legacy (Naleye Fakhteha, in Farsi) and her other books are now available in English. I will recommend her to my friends.

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