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A Queen for her Enemies

It is painful; the people who praise me are those whom I knew them as my enemies for years!


Meet The Author

" Her passion is bringing the perception of cold, bare reality, into a fantasy world and creating an attractive story to reach a solution that assumes everyone can live the best life they can. "

Dancing with Fate (book two)

Mithra was born when her mother was asking help from her Assyrian gods, she had a strange birthmark on her face, and she inherited her mother’s face, a wild Assyrian beauty, no wonder her father’s tribe hated her. They made her believe that she was an ominous creature, doomed for being alone in her own land. Even Astyages’ love, a burning love that took shape in the adventures could not help her. Mithra had love in her hands, and she believed that she had overcome her fate, but the fate rose up against the love.
Her fiancé and Mithra were captured in the Assyrians’ attack. Her aunt found her in the slave market. Mithra could be invaluable to her Assyrian family because she looked like Semiramis, the Assyrian’s great queen. Her marriage with her cousin could bring back the past glory to this family, and her cousin could take the kingship. All the ominous signs in Mithra, her Assyrian face and the birthmark on her face, now were omen but she wished to return to her own land. She was born and raised in Mannae, had learned to love that land. Astyages and Mithra tried to escape and failed. Astyages ran away alone, and Mithra had to marry her cousin to be Assyria’s queen.
This is a story of love, sacrifice, fear, ambition, courage,… and miracles; like all of us!


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