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I have been interested in myth and mystery for many years and my novel series draws on the history, folklore, and landscapes of Persia. Persia is the place where you will find the stories behind the story, the legends and tales that inspire me.

Unwanted Legacy, the first book of my latest novel series, DANCING WITH FATE has written for the adult market that follows the fortunes of Mithra, a young Persian Assyrian princess in ancient Persia in 644BC. I decided to name the main character, Mithra because it is the name of a goddess originally.

According to myth, Mithra was born, a flaming brand of wood in hand, armed with a knife, beside a sacred stream, and under a sacred tree…

It was night, the dark night as evil’s heart, with no end. A heavy curtain of silence seemed to have fallen around the world and the coldness had crept into in the flame of fire. It was the end of the world. Suddenly, in the mountains, into the caves of Marble, a sharp light that glowered in the East took shape! She was born into the fire, dressed in red silk, of flames; wavy long hair as black as smoke and big beautiful eyes which shone like an ember.

She stepped out of the cave, shining on the earth. Mithra stood on the mountain, and looked over the world, which was cold and lifeless! It was time to flow the life on Earth. Mithra glanced at her golden dagger on her waist scarf, took her bow, and walked; she must found Holy Red Bull.

Holy Red Bull was pawing with the forefeet, deep in the meadow, sending dirt flying behind. His long horns seize up the sky and his thick muscles showed the extraordinary power of life blown by Ahura Mazda in his body. Mithra stared at him behind the trees, wondering why life should be started from death!

Evil trembled, imagined how difficult it will be for him when life spread over the world.

He hated the light, the growth and the birth of love. He did not grow in love so had to remain in death. This never should have happened, the evil thought angrily. He looked around, saw a scorpion crawling in the mud and a satisfied smile sat on his black and ugly lips. If life was going to born, he should have his part in it.

Mithra was on the back of the Holy Red Bull, breathlessly. The bull that had no more power slept under her thighs obediently. Mithra pulled the dagger out from her waist scarf and put on the bull’s neck. She turned her face Involuntary; the death was painful for her, although it was a sign of life. Suddenly she saw the scorpions on the ground beneath the bull’s foot, insidiously.

The sound of the evil laughter echoed in the deepest hole in the ground and filled the sky.

The scorpion that had made poisonous the holy bull’s seeds of life, fled to seek refuge in the darkness with all the speed he could. The evil’s cold voice was heard from the underneath, from the heart of the earth, “Every living will desire the darkness in their hearts on this earth, from now on.”

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